There may appear to be certain benefits when you hire on your own instead of using a Senior Home Care service – it sure does seem less expensive! However, when you start to really look at the full costs, you could be taking on a lot more liability than you expected.

Time Consuming Screening Process

You will need to:

  • Create a job description and job application
  • Recruit applicants by placing an ad or through word of mouth
  • Review applications (if you simply collect resumes, be sure you gather all of the information that a resume might miss – e.g., why the left their position, if they are re-hireable, exploratory/open-ended questions, inquiring about specific skills and tasks you might need).
  • Complete interviews with your top candidates
  • Check all references of all candidates whom you are considering
  • Collect documentation to verify education, citizenship, car insurance, and any licenses they may have
  • For your final candidate, run a motor vehicle report, check the employee misconduct registry and nurse/aid registry, as well as a criminal background check

When you use Elder Home Care or a Senior Home Care service like Mom’s Best Friend, we have completed all of this extensive screening for all of our caregivers. Additionally, caregivers have gone through both an online industry training program and the Mom’s Best Friend-specific training: The Luxury of a Lifetime. These elevate an already-experienced caregiver to anticipate the needs of our families, and provide an exceptional experience. We also continue to supervise the caregiver, and if they aren’t a good match for your family, we have additional caregivers available who have already been through our process. That’s what an exceptional Senior Home Care service like Mom’s Best Friend can provide.

Complicated Insurance, Payroll and Tax Laws

Many people think that employment laws do not apply when they hire directly, but unfortunately you are obligated to handle the paperwork and costs associated with a household employee. Mom’s Best Friend Senior Care service providers are employees, they are covered through our professional liability insurance, worker’s compensation policy, unemployment insurance, and their payroll taxes are included in our fees. If you are going to hire on your own, we highly recommend Breedlove and Associates, the household employment experts. Below are some of the resources available through Breedlove:

No Back-up

When your caregiver is ill or has vacation scheduled, you will have to scramble to rearrange your schedule, or find a respite service (all of whom will need to perform an assessment and complete a care plan prior to care). Elder Home Care, like Mom’s Best Friend, has a pool of caregivers who are available for short-term assignments with minimal notice.

Mom’s Best Friend Senior Care Service Handles Everything

Mom’s Best Friend saves you time, money, tax/legal hassles, and worry by providing comprehensive non-medical Elder Home Care including 24-Hour Home Care options for your loved one.