Dallas / Fort Worth Senior Care Resources

Dallas senior care resources, Dallas elder care, Fort Worth senior care resources, Fort Worth elder careWhether you are a Mom’s Best Friend provider, searching for elderly care jobs, or are taking care of a senior parent or loved one, we want to provide you with a number of resources in your ever-evolving role. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need recommendations for senior needs such as home health care, medical supply, geriatric care managers, and more.

Industry Resources

Ideas / Activities

Many Dallas / Fort Worth senior home caregivers approach their position as an elderly care jobs, simply helping with basic daily activities. At Mom’s Best Friend, however, our caregivers go the extra mile to make senior living fun and fulfilling! Here are some fun ideas for your next assignment and beyond! Here are some of our favorite activities to do with seniors:

  • Gardening: This can range from planting/watering/weeding outside in the garden, to simply planting herb seeds in a window sill pot and watching them grow!
  • Games: This can range from board games, to dominoes, to playing cards. If your dependent loves watching football, tennis, golf, etc., think about fun finger foods or attire (visor / tennis shirt / handkerchiefs/bandanas can be used for penalty flags) to enhance the experience!
  • Exercising: There are exercises for every sort of mobility – from walking, to throwing a ball, to chair or wheelchair exercises.
  • Crafts and Activities: You can make holidays special when you decorate, make festive snacks or crafts (these are fun for adults as well as children!), or dress up! Don’t forget the less-recognized holidays like Mardi Gras, MLK Day, Cinco de Mayo, etc. for even more fun reasons to celebrate! You can also do non-themed activities such as making/sending cards to friends, kids, or grandkids; or building a bird house and doing some bird-watching.
  • Reading: You can read their favorites aloud (newspapers, mysteries, non-fiction), or read independently and discuss books to make your own “book club”!
  • Food: Do you have a flare for cooking? Is baking your passion? If so, incorporate it into your day! Wow your dependent with a deliscious treat or a themed snack!
  • Music: You can listen to their favorites, or if you have your own talents, they would certainly enjoy for you to play guitar, piano, etc. Or you can even use that other instrument we all have…your voice!
  • Movies: Take a typical movie and make it a special movie night/day by popping popcorn, creating snacks related to the movie theme, and fixing hot chocolate with marshmallows!

Our families really notice when the Mom’s Best Friend senior home caregivers go out of their way to make things special, and our caregivers have more fun!