Many of our clients receive services in Dallas and Fort Worth senior living facilities. We are contacted by the families, or by the facilities directly, to provide continuum of care through our services. This can vary from 4 hours a day, up to 24-Hour Home Care based on the requirements. This includes:

  • Independent Senior Living: As needs change, Mom’s Best Friend services allows senior clients to remain in the same familiar community as long as possible. Your parents or loved ones can maintain their friendships and activities, and postpone (or avoid altogether) moving into an assisted living or nursing home. Services can include errand running, housekeeping, pet care, cooking assistance, and assistance with activities of daily living if required.
  • Assisted Living: Often times, families will enlist our caregivers to provide one-one-one care as the senior living needs of parents increases beyond what group care offers. For example, when a senior is getting up in the middle of the night, or they are an extreme fall risk, they may require an extra caregiver to be their personal attendant. Additionally, these Personal Home Caregivers can take your loved ones on errands or outings.
  • Skilled Nursing Facilities: This type of group care covers health services in addition to basic needs such as cooking, cleaning, laundry, etc. However, individual care is often requested to meet extra needs. For example, a senior may need one-on-one-assistance when preparing for bedtime – changing clothes, putting in curlers, teeth brushing, removing make-up, etc. Further, the caregiver can provide companionship, conversation, reading, etc.

No matter where the senior living environment, our caregivers are respectful and professional, and provide exceptional care.

Mom’s Best Friend offers non-medical services from 4 hours at a time through 24-Hour Home Care. Please contact us at 972.446.0500 x224 today (24/7 Phone: 469.557.1144).